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Hypefury Vs Tweethunter | Ultimate Twitter Growth Tool [UPDATED 2023]

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We will focus on the paid plan. Otherwise, Hypefury would win because they have a solid free plan of their tool. Tweethunter offers a great free trial. Also, links are affiliates, it doesn’t impact you but keeps things free here.

Best Twitter Growth Tool Overview 

The decision between choosing hypefury vs tweethunter for your twitter growth tool comes down to what else you need it for, and how much your want to spend.

Hypefury has a free version and the option to automate posts to LinkedIn and Instagram. These are features Tweet hunter don’t have, and they don’t have a free plan, just a trial.

Tweethunter has a strong focus on AI content creation. It also covers all the basics you’d expect.

Such as scheduling, analytics, engagement and content creation. It helps you grow your Twitter, fast. But at a cost.

Hypefury focusses less on AI content creation. More on doing the fundamentals well. It’s a massive time saver.

One of the main reasons for this is that you can cross-post to LinkedIn & Instagram with no extra effort.

How they manage the Twitter growth basics? 

They both have a lot in common and as a Twitter automation tool, you can’t go wrong. However, the do have some differences in cross promoting, AI and pricing that will make the difference in whether Hypefury vs Tweethunter is best for you. 

They both cover the fundamentals of any good social growth tool. So lets finally see who fares better at the basics between Hypefury vs Tweethunter.

1) Tweet Scheduling and Twitter Thread 

Tweet scheduling is something they both do well as you’d expect.

They both also encourage and recommend posts to fill up your schedule. Tweethunter has a lot more suggestions in this department. 

Another nice feature of both these tools is that you can paste a block of text in and it will divide it up into individual tweets.

2) Twitter Analytics

If you’re a data nerd and analytics are most important to you, make sure to check out BlackMagic for Twitter.

Neither would make me choose Hypefury vs Tweethunter in this department, they show the basic metrics of tweet engagement, follower growth and a few others. 

Neither goes above and beyond in this department. You will get what you need to track your progress over time and make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

3) Advanced Features [Retweet, Automation, DMs & Auto plug]

Something we need to pay attention to when choosing between Hypefury vs Tweethunter is the tools that enhance the ROI of our twitter experience. The following advanced features to make your life easier and grow quicker.

A) Set your posts to retweet several hours late if it hits X number of likes.

Retweeting posts that get a few likes is a great way to increase the ROI of your tweeting efforts. You can reach people in different time zones with the same tweet.

Hypefury also allows you to cross-post your scheduled tweets to LinkedIn and Instagram. Even letting you make edits appropriate to LinkedIn. You have more characters there, so you can add more text.

You can even ask to turn your tweet into a carousel and email you the PDF so you can post it yourself on LinkedIn. That format is getting a lot of engagement these days.

If you’re creating content for Twitter, you should be crossposting it to Twitter. It’s a no-brainer.

B) Another great feature is the auto DMs. This is not for spamming, but for doing some heavy lifting for giveaways.

If you post an offer for a free cheatsheet for anybody who replies with a certain word, you can trigger a DM to be automatically sent to each person with the cheat sheet attached. 

Great if you have a large audience. (Something I little about)

C) The auto plug feature allows you to add an extra tweet if you hit a certain amount of likes. So if a tweet does well, you can have either Hypefury and Tweethunter add a tweet plugging your CTA.

4) Repurposed Post Inspiration

Both platforms scrape top performing posts in a variety of niches that you can repurpose and use for inspiration and getting past writers block. Tweethunter has a lot more in this department. 

So if you’re looking for fresh content ideas, when  choosing between Hypefury vs Tweethunter there wont be too much of a difference here.

Hypefury vs Tweethunter Tweet inspiration Dashboards.



You will never run out of content ideas using either Hypefury or Tweethunter

5) Engagement Builder

When picking the beset tool between Hypefury vs Tweethunter we want to make sure they both cover one of the most important growth features. The ability to engage with a lot of people from a central dashboard.

When trying to stay off the Twitter feed, using a tool like Hypefury or Tweethunter is a much better option to engage with the people in your space. 

Similar to tweet deck, they both feature a dashboard to add your favourite creator’s profiles, we can then log in for 15 minutes a day and engage with them all efficiently.


Hypefury vs Tweethunter - Engagement Dashboard

Once they post, you can reply to them all one by one in this area. It’s the best way to engage with a lot of people in a short amount of time. 

Who does what better? 

A lot of their features are the same and make the hypefury vs tweethunter choice even harder to make. 

So this simply depends on what your goals are. Tweethunter is great for AI writing, if you want to bash out tonnes of tweets quickly, it’s the easiest way.

Where Hypefury shines is its cross-posting integrations. If you are trying to grow on other platforms at the same time you can cross-post to  LinkedIn and Instagram with a simple click of a button.

If you’re creating text-based content, this is a big selling point. I highly recommend LinkedIn as a complimentary platform to Twitter, and this is the easiest way to get started.

Is Hypefury only for Twitter? 

It’s primarily for Twitter. It gets the inspiration posts from twitter for example. However, it allows cross posting to both LinkedIn and Instagram.

How to get Twitter followers? 

Regardless of who you ending up choosing from the Hypefury vs Tweet Hunter show down. For twitter growth, we need the basics done well. This means that we need to be able to schedule and automate a lot of our busy work.

Luckily, both Hypefury and Tweethunter have no problem managing this. You will be able to add a list of your favourite twitter accounts and engage with them daily, this gets you a lot of attention over time. 

And then you schedule 2 twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram posts per day, you will start seeing traction quickly.

What are the cons?

Is Hypefury Free? Hypefury Pricing

When choosing hypefury vs tweethunter the biggest factor for most will be the pricing.

The paid plan of Hypefury costs $49 per month if you want to use all those fancy integrations such as crossposting to LinkedIn.

The core features price if you want to unlock all the Twitter features and just cross post to Instagram, that entry level version will cost $19.

But as I mentioned. You should start with the free plan to see if it’s something you would use long term. 

  • Schedule tweets up to 2 days in advance
  • Engage with 5 people on your dashboard
  • Get tweet inspiration.

Tweethunter Pricing

is also pricey at $49, but you can try it for 7 days and create lots of AI tweets and add them to your schedule to check out how their system works. They also don’t have LinkedIn compatibility, I think this is because they also own Taplio

Final word: Which Twitter tool is best for audience growth?

Choosing the best Twitter growth and engagment tool form Hypefury vs Tweethunter is not easy, they both offer everything you need to grow your Twitter account. 

If you don’t want to pay anything then I’d suggest you just test the waters and use the lite version of Hypefury boost your twitter efforts. 

Choosing between Hypefury vs Tweethunter for your go to Twitter growth tool comes down to your budget and features needed. 

If you want something free and to post to LinkedIn then you will want to choose Hypefury.

If you want a larger range of AI writing options and don’t mind paying after the free trial, then use Tweethunter

Once you get a hang of planning and scheduling your tweets you can then try out some of the pro trials. This way you will get more bang for your buck!

If you are looking to invest money in a platform, you can try them both out for free with the 7-day Tweethunter trial and by upgrading your free Hypefury account to their 7-day trial plan to test it out. 

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