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Typeshare vs Hypefury, Best Twitter Growth Tool

Typeshare vs Hypefury

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Typeshare vs Hypefury: The Ultimate Twitter Tool

When it comes to LinkedIn and Twitter growth, writing, engaging and publishing, there are 2 tools for your accounts that keep coming up, Hypefury and Typeshare. And for good reason. They can do much more than just retweet and schedule tweets. They both provide a generous free service plan.

I personally use both of them. Hypefury to schedule tweets and auto-retweet every 12 hours. And for Twitter threads and long-form LinkedIn posts, I use the Typeshare templates.

The best part about both businesses is that you can try them for free. Once you get the hang of them you can upgrade to the premium plan to access any other advanced feature you might need.

How do get the most from your tweets, threads and posts?

You will want the best-performing content you create to be pushed multiple times so your users from different time zones will have the chance to see your content across each platform. This is an easy win for your businesses.

Luckily these platforms help you plug your business and help with marketing your service. This is a great way to get sales automatically while your content does the work.

With the premium Hypefury plan you can add an extra step to your tweets. If they get a set number of engagements, you have Hypefury add a tweet with a plug to your product or weekly newsletter for example.

How can I use them to grow my newsletter?

When building your personal brand or online community you will discover the importance of having a newsletter. It’s a valuable asset to have and one of the main reasons the biggest creators take so much time to create valuable Twitter threads for their followers or to engage so much on social media.

Even if you only commit to sending one newsletter per month or weekly, you will want to create, build and nurture an audience here.

Luckily Typeshare makes this really easy to do. You can take ideas from the content you or your favourite creators post and use them as inspiration to write and plan your long-form newsletter content.

Once you have some ideas of what to write, you can simply open up a free or premium Typeshare template and write your content using their engaging format.

There are always new hooks and templates to explore so you will never run out of ideas. They help streamline creating content with a simple-to-follow system. You can save a lot of time with both of these tools.

How is the service support?

Both have chat support and the owners are on Twitter growing their own social media account every day using their own tool, which is a good sign.

If business owners are not using their own tools to create their threads and schedule their tweets then that would be a red flag. You wont have long waiting for support on either.

How can Hypefury help the growth of my Twitter accounts with engagement?

A great way to use hypeshare to grow your account without spending all day on twitter is to use their engagement feature. It’s common knowledge that to grow on Twitter we should be commenting under large accounts in our niche.

We can add a list of the account details of all our favorite accounts to the dashboard on Hypefury and get an overview of all their latest tweets.

This allows us to log into Hypefury and get an overview and them, this means we can leave comments on all the important posts really quickly without even entering the Twitter app, which can be a time sink.

This helps you schedule your social media usage and block off a small amount of time each day to focus on the important accounts to engage with.

How can Typeshare help the growth of my Twitter & LinkedIn account?

The best thing Typeshare can do is to make your content more engaging with the typeshare templates, they are created by Twitter giants Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole. They also have other big Twitter and LinkedIn creators like Justin Welsh provide their own proven hooks and templates to their platform for us to use.

Having the structure and hooks of both can help us whip up a tweet or longer post and is a massive time saver and really helps boost engagement. After doing it long enough you get a feel for how to write well and structure tweets and post better even without the templates.

I usually pull the content from Typeshare and schedule it in hypefury to cross post everywhere.

How can I use Hypefury and Typeshare together to grow my LinkedIn & Twitter Accounts?

You can get ideas and inspiration from Hypefury for your posts and long-form threads. You can then go into Typeshare and write your content using their templates. This will make sure that you will engage your audience every time.

Then you can go back over to Hypefury and start scheduling a week or even a month worth of content. The free account allows scheduling of up to 48 hours. You can also set this to auto-post your tweets not just to LinkedIn, but also Instagram.

If your goal is to free up time and automate some of the process, then Typeshare is a great free app for creating top-performing content, just by following their template system. You can then use Hypefury for the Tweets, Threads, LinkedIn and Instagram automation.

Does either platform offer analytics features ?

With the free plan of Hypefury you get access to some limited free analytics tool, if you upgrade, you can access more features. Both platforms are mostly made to engage, for scheduling and content creation. If you’re looking for a comprehensive analytics tool you can check the free plan of BlackMagic. They have nailed the analytics.

Which is better for automation of personal brand or businesses growth?

If you’re taking your Twitter and LinkenIn account and audience growth serious. You need the right tools to give you and edge and free up your time. These are two that most of the big users are writing and publishing content with.

Both Hypefury and Typeshare have features to help you create, schedule, auto post tweets and threads. They both have a free plan that you can use right now to start writing better content, both short form posts and longer threads.

You will never run out of content ideas using either Hypefury or Tweethunter

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